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"Only through the practice of yoga is yoga known"

  Quotation from the Vishnu Purana given by Vyasa
   in his commentary on Yoga Sutra III .6

When yoga was taught in India in ancient times, all lessons were taught one-on-one. Over time, the person who was transmitting the teachings got to know the person who had come to learn, and the instructions were tailored 
to meet the needs of the participant and always based in the philosophy of yoga.

Today, even when we are teaching a group class, we strive to respect this ancient model of learning. Yoga postures are introduced in a gradual manner, according to the philosophy of yoga, and always in coordination with proper breathing. After a while, conscious breathing becomes a form of meditation that calms restless thoughts, supports energy, and strengthens the immune and nervous systems. Over time, our ultimate goal is to lead students towards an independent practice that will bring the benefits of yoga into their daily lives.