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June Classes
A new four week Series will be starting June 1st
The fee for each series is $50
~Intro-Continuing Yoga~

Saturday mornings, 9:30 to 10:45 AM

This class will be a multi-level class designed to suit people who have taken our Fundamental Classes before, as well as people who are completely new to yoga.

~Continuing Yoga~

Wednesday evenings, 5:45 to 7 PM 

This class will be geared towards people who have assimilated the principles of our Fundamental classes. We will learn new postures and start developing a more substantial pranayama practice. This class can serve as a stepping stone for someone who has done yoga 
in a different tradition and wishes to experience how yoga is practiced in the Desikachar/Krishnamacarya lineage. 

~On-going Yoga~

  Monday evenings 5:45 to 7 PM

Tuesday evenings 5:45 to 7 PM

     Thursday mornings 9:30 to 10:30 AM

~Gentle Yoga~
Monday mornings 9:30 to 10:30 AM

Due to the very individualized nature of the instruction in this class, class size is limited to eight participants. This class brings the benefits of yoga to a diverse group of individuals. It is designed for overall healthy people who have particular conditions that they wish to understand better before engaging in a general yoga class as well as for people dealing with illness, injury, medical treatments, chronic stress or reduced stamina. Depending on the situation, we may advise a perpective participant to begin with one private class so the teacher can better understand the person's particuliar needs and goals, especially if they are new to yoga. 

Vedic Chanting

Our on-going monthly Vedic Chant meets monthly.

Introduction to Mantra and Vedic Chanting

This course will be offered on Wednesday evenings in September.
A description of this course can be found on our Mantra Yoga page.
If you have an interest, please let Martine know by writing to her at info@upstateyogainstitute