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                                                              Mantra Yoga

Mantra Yoga is a Yoga of sound. Mantras are special sounds which are considered to be seeds of wisdom that can illuminate the path for all true seekers. Mantras use the primary quality of vibration to sustain and strengthen our energies, purify our minds and hearts, and allow for a greater expression of spirit. 

             Two forms of Mantra Yoga are taught in our school:

In our Mantra Yoga classes, we explore the science of Mantra so you can develop confidence in your understanding of the role of mantra in meditation practice. You learn basic mantras with proper pronunciation and intonation so you can practice mantra yoga the way it was intended to be practiced. In the course of this learning, you also start identifying your personal intention for meditation practice.

In our Vedic Chanting classes, you learn the art of Chanting. The passages used for chanting are longer mantras which are chanted collectively in a supportive group setting. The meaning of those passages is presented in a gentle way. Chanting is both fun and healing and influences our whole system at a very deep level. We have an on-going Vedic chanting group which meets monthly, and Martine periodically offers an Introductory Course in Vedic Chanting so people can learn the basics. If you have an interest in starting chanting, please let us know.

Neither of these practices require a prior knowledge of music or sanskrit. For more details about these practices, please write us at info@upstateyogainstitute.com.

Teachers' background and qualifications: Martine Burat and Kerry Koen were introduced to Yoga, Chanting, and Mantra Practice by their yoga mentor, Mary Louise Skelton, a long time ago. After Mary-Lou's passing in 1995, they continued their studies with Vedic Chant teacher Sonia Nelson from the Vedic Chant Center in Santa Fe. In 2004, Kerry and Martine spent two weeks in Chennai, India, studying chanting and mantras intensely with Sonia and her teacher, T. K. V. Desikachar. Martine has also studied the practice of Mantra with Claude Marechal, another senior teacher in the Krishnamacarya/Desikachar lineage. Kerry is a very accomplished musician and Martine is interested in linguistic and studied sanskrit with Vyaas Houston, founder of the American Sanskrit Institute.