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                                                           CONTEMPLATIVE CHANTING                      

In the context of our yoga school, we approach the discipline of Chanting as a "yoga of sound". We learn to chant mantras that come from the Veda. As chants are introduced, the profound and universal wisdom of the Veda is gently presented.

Chanting gladdens the heart and influences our entire system in a very beneficial fashion (body, breath, mind and heart.) Because it uses only three notes, chanting is accessible to anyone, even those who believe that they cannot sing.

Unlike the practice of yoga, which is very individual, Vedic Chanting with its call and response methodology, is presented as a group practice which is meditative but also brings a sense of connection and support. 

White Ganesh                                                                                                    

A new Series for beginners will be offered in January.

Teachers' background and qualifications:
Martine Burat and Kerry Koen were introduced to Vedic Chanting 25 years ago by their yoga mentor, Mary Louise Skelton. They later continued their chanting studies with eminent Vedic Chant teacher Sonia Nelson ( http://www.vedicchantcenter.org/ ). In 2004, Kerry and Martine were fortunate to spend two weeks in Chennai, India, studying chanting intensely with Sonia and her teacher, T. K. V. Desikachar. Kerry is a very accomplished musician and Martine is a linguist who has studied some sanskrit.