Group Yoga Classes




This course is designed for BEGINNERS who want to make sure they are learning postures correctly and with proper adaptations for their body type and constitution. Our intention is to provide a safe and solid foundation for the practice of postures and breath. 


This series is designed for people who have had some experience with yoga in the past or are complete beginners. While still teaching the basics of yoga practice, this course offers new postures with continued emphasis on proper breathing. 


The guidance for the gentle restorative series is ideal for individuals who have health issues or limited mobility.  Chair postures and adaptations of postures with the use of chairs can provide participants who have difficulty moving to the floor with an authentic yogic practice.  An important aspect of this series is the focus on the intentional breathing techniques not just in postures but also as part of guided relaxation with its restorative and meditative potentials.  Please write David at if you are considering this class so you can talk about your needs prior to signing up.


The study and practice of yoga is the endeavor of a lifetime. In our continuing classes, participants deepen their understanding and practice of all aspects of yoga (asanas, pranayama, philosophy, meditation). Although we do not offer teacher certification programs, participants in our continuing classes receive guidance that is characterized by a high level of expertise that supports a deeper comprehension of the many aspects of a yoga practice..

Interested in coming in for a class? Click here to see our schedule.

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